Related Services

So we’ve told you what we’re good at. We’re good at turning zeroes into heroes – meaning, we take people with zero online marketing experience into online marketing legends. With proper guidance we believe that anyone (yes, including you, no matter what you say about yourself) can every well be transormed into a successful individual. Success, of course, as we mean it, is not limited to financial wealth or popular influence. It also means the capacity to have a heart for others; hence, our Pay It Forward System.
Of course, you may ask: what about those who already have experience in online marketing but need help and assistance all the same? Do we no longer have room for them? Do we simply push them away, and say: “Sorry, being experienced bars you from working with us.” Of course not. Our Related Services System is intended precisely for those who already have some experience to back them up.

What We Do With Experience: The Magic of Referrals

The first thing we do with experienced individuals who ask for assistance is to refer them to our Partner Companies. These Partner Companies deal mainly with those who would classify themselves as Intermediate Online Marketers, meaning they have had significant experience in online selling (whether it was their own products or not). Our Partner Companies will then assist them in the areas in which they need improvement, particularly in the field of Multimedia and Design.

Secondly, we also refer these experienced people as possible consultants in our Pay It Forward system. Should they be interested, they could work as Resource Persons for our company and be of great help to those who are just starting out. They could help us design online Multimedia Courses for online selling and marketing, how to attract the right crowd, how to package products in such a way that they magnetize and not alienate, and many other possibilities.

All these and more await the experienced individual who still chooses to come to us for help. If you’re that person, what are you waiting for? Hit us up on any of our contact detail options and we will gladly get back to you.